What is DueTrade?
DueTrade is a platform built around your business to help you move into the 21st century and give your customers a new way of trading.
We build a simple and user friendly app for your business to offer for free to your customers so they can have all of the information they want and need and the ability to make a decision within their pocket. Your sales and trading team get their own web version to be able to manage everything from updating news articles, updating stock information, send offers and promotions on products or services or to even bid on a customers 'quote request'.
We are doing OK as we are, why should we change to DueTrade?
A normal human reaction. Not many of us like change. We all said that when the car took over from the horse, and the tank from the cavalry charge or Uber from hailing a cab and Tinder instead of approaching somebody at the bar. Look around, what do you see? Mobiles on the move everywhere.

The average amount of time spent online on a smartphone is 2 hours 28 minutes a day. This rises to 3 hours 14 minutes among 18-24s. Stay as you are, if you wish, but others - perhaps your competitors - are changing, and changing fast. DueTrade gives you that step-change, and with little effort on your part.
Will it link with our existing systems?
In short, yes. DueTrade is a completely flexible platform whether it be an out of the box integration or if you have a bespoke internal platform we can work alongside it. Including ERP systems, internal customer account systems and email.
Can I change the tab features of the app?
Absolutely, you can customise (add/remove/change) any functions on your app, so the options at the bottom of your app will be exactly what you think are the best fit and mostly useful for you, your industry and your customers.

I see a couple of your customers have a podcast, do I need one to have the app?
Not at all. A few of our customers do have their own podcast which they offer to their customers as an added extra which we are able to accommodate via the app however it's not essential to have one to be able to offer an app to your customers.

I have a lot of specific complexities in my delivery dates and locations.
Can the app cope with them?
Yes, you can link locations with your current fixed locations or you can allow customers to enter the delivery location.

Can my customers see pending orders?
Yes, they will be able to see pending / rejected / accepted bids or orders. We understand that sometimes people forget to order something and need to check. Rather than thinking back to the conversation you had or searching through old emails and invoices you will be able to quickly and simply check via the app.

How much does it cost?
Crikey, it's taken you a while to ask!

Of course every situation is different. DueTrades platform is reconfigured to satisfy every individual need of every client and it is very inexpensive in comparison to the potential benefits. As you can see on the process page, we offer two different types of pricing. A recurring revenue model where you pay monthly / renew annually or you pay a one off fee and then we take a small percentage of each trade completed through the app.
Entirely your choice!

The best way to see what your app could look like is to set up a call today.

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